Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 16

A person who inspires you

He's my sons' best friend and he spoils him like crazy. Besides my parents, he's somebody I look up to. I don't have the guts to tell him this, maybe one day he'll stumble across my blog and he'll read this, til then I'll just share this with you. He's a pure genius, his room is full of books of every genre, from historic books to full on drama, to powerful meaningful books. Sometimes when he's not home I like to sneak into his room and just see what's lying around. I can tell what he's currently reading by the pile of stacks he has on the floor. Usually, the top one is the most current, I'm sure.
 He works full time and he attends one of the most elite universities here in Houston, St. Thomas University. He finished  his bachelors and is currently working on his masters. He's accomplished so much, and he's only 25. He recently got a promotion in his job and got his very own office now. But he doesn't brag about it either. His motivation and dedication is just so inspiring. He rarely goes out, spends his days and nights in his room, studying or reading. People always comment on his life style, mostly negative things, but I'm sure he has it all planned out. 
And man does he have a bank roll! He's a living piggy bank, he saves most of the money he makes. And even though he has a scholarship, I know he has that money saved up for those "just in case" situations or a new home. Regardless of the rough childhood we had, the constant fighting and hollering, in a way he's made up for all of it by spending and caring so much for my son. And that's soothing and completely left behind. I consider him a father figure for my son. And I would love for Damian to grow up and be very much like his uncle. Fingers crossed. 
When he was 12 years old, he was diagnosed with meningitis, it's a life threatening bacterial infection that slowly shuts down your body and focuses on your nervous system, specifically the brain and the spinal cord. He had to be flown by life flight to one of the greatest hospitals in this city. Miraculously, they were able to save his life. If the paramedics would have delayed that helicopter flight by 10 minutes, I wouldn't be able to share this post. My eyes get watery of the thought alone.  God was on our side that day. Without him, I wouldn't have an older brother, someone to toughen me up, someone for my son to look up to one day or the role model that he's been over the years for me. 


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You got me at the end. TEAR

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Wow, that is an amazing story, God has big plans for him. God Bless..

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