Sunday, April 24, 2011

Day 21

Something you wish you could forget

Huh?? Blank

If there was one thing I wished to forget, it's the exact mere thought of not forgetting. You have to have something to look back to. I'm not saying wake up every single day with that thing or person in your mind. But you have to recollect those harsh, sad memories once in a while. It gives me the benefit of satisfaction to know that I'm not there anymore. I'm not in that point place of misery. It's your time to reflect. So why forget anything at all? My foundation has been built by all the bricks that have been thrown at me. In reference and by all means being superior to those who wish you failure. So keep throwing bricks at me bitches, I mean I mean, don't you all remember the story of the three little pigs? (smirk on my face). I don't want to forget anything. I chose to go back in time when I want to, when I feel like I need to. I hope God doesn't take that from me. Because losing a person to any type of memory sickness, is just as saddening as watching them part. They start losing there self's and as the days progress the person that is staring at you isn't there anymore. It's just an empty body. A body with no recollection of memories, and memories is what makes a human, well human. And I can relate to this because my father forgets everything. It got to a point where he couldn't remember who we were. Not me nor my siblings nor my mother. And he would wake up confused at the hospital, even with a gash on his head, he didn't understand why he was there. It's as if his soul wondered off and came and went when it pleased. Thankfully we got him back so cherish everything, every experience, every failure, every triumph, because alike your life it too can be snatched away. I chose to remember, forgetting is not an option. Peace.

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