Monday, April 25, 2011

Day 22

Something you wish you were better at

Most def. playing soccer. Just so I can out do everyone. Ha-ha. I can't picture my life without it. It's quite refreshing actually, for  those 80 minutes I spend on the field, all my worries seem to linger and vanish into the air. As soon as my game is over, it all comes back. Like one of the those yo yo's, you flick your arm and the yo yo stays spinning for about 20 seconds in the air or so, and then it comes right back. Well my thoughts come and go just like that. I play twice a week and I still don't think that's enough but I carry a full plate. So I settle. Some soccer is better then no soccer at all. This is my college team, men and women's' 2007-2009. We were at a tournament in San Antonio and they all misbehaved pretty badly. The shit they did was ridiculous! They trashed the hotel room and got pist drunk a day before the final. Our school got fined around 3gs for all the damages. That was our last tournament out of Houston. Eeeeeks. Their all fascinating players and human beings though. And I still keep in touch with most of them! It was college. So heeeey. (hand waving in the air). Peace.

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