Thursday, April 21, 2011

Flaw # 2,598,8725

I suffer from, “I don’t want to know the ending quite yet” syndrome. I usually have a few chapters left in a book and as much as I want to know the conclusion to the story, I delay myself from getting there. I’ve visualized a whole new world in my mind for so long, became so involved with the characters and for it to be over just like that? No, I refuse! I want to enjoy it meticulously. I started reading Have a Little Faith by Mitch Albom and for about five minutes or so, I bawled uncontrollably last night. Then I realized I only had 40 pages left, so I just shut down my Nook and started reading the Bible. I started reading The Old Testament, The James King Version from the beginning and I try to read a verse a night. It may seem like a little but I feel that I have to understand it profoundly before I move on to the next verse. I’m not sure when I’m going to start re-reading Albom’s novel again, it’s like a jar of cookies, I know if I keep putting my hand in the cooking jar, soon I won’t be left with anything. And I’m not ready to stare at the blank pages that are located in the back of the book. Not just yet. Sigh. Peace.


Anonymous said...

I never paid to much attention to how we end our relationships with novels,books and so on. Your point of view comes from an artistic view.Also, The Bible is a great choice. Have a great weekend.~ Marias

PQT said...

Have a great weekend as well. Thanks for the comment :))