Thursday, April 28, 2011


Dear Sister,

I’m sitting here with an hour and ten minutes to go. And this will be the last time I feel these key strokes underneath my digitals. I’m listening to Deadmau5, Strobes and this song is perfect for writing. I really don’t know where I’m going with this letter but most writers don’t have a clue on what to write about. I like to think of myself as a writer. I write all the time on anything that’s around. I get thoughts throughout the day and night that don’t seem to make sense in my head, but when I see them in front of me, in writing or ink, they just appear to be complete. I don’t have a clue on what to expect Monday morning. A new job, new surroundings, new people, it’s a little over whelming. But I like the feeling. I like the challenge Sissy.

I shouldn’t let individuals get to me in such a way. The way the asshole in this company did but I don’t have to stay here and put up with him. I have options. I had a choice, worthy alternatives, we always have a choice. And I decided to part from here. I’m going to miss Griselda and Mrs. Bev but I’ll cope without them. I think. After three upright years, being part of another company will be tough to top that. I didn’t have to dress professionally and they adapted to my school schedule when it was necessary, if Damian was ill, I was able to be off, when Dad had his surgeries, several of them, they supported me in every way, I can’t even count the numerous of  times my Jeepy let me down. They were like family to me. Correction, they are like family. Well most of them. Everyone except the jerk off that wanted shit his way. On a good note, thanks to his abrupt behavior which led to my final decision, I got hired at a respectable architectural firm, with better pay. So thank you, you fucken douche bag.  

Now let’s promptly mention the way I’ve been acting. It has to be that time of the month. I don’t find it necessary to put up with people’s shit. It has to be a give and receive effect. I don’t give any shit to anyone; therefore I expect the same formality. It’s only rational don’t you think? As for us, the most time we spend apart the fonder our friendship grows. It gives me more time to miss you. To actually wake up and say to myself, “Damm, when was the last time I spoke to this papoy?” So it’s okay if we take a break here and there. Our combats never last either way. So why even carried on with them? I try to give you advice on life, because I feel as if a 60 year old woman sometimes lives in this body of mine. C’mon lets be coherent here. This old lady, I named her Victoria, she likes to write, and read (all the time), she can only go out one night out of the week and then she’s a dead beat, she loves hot tea, any tea of that matter, she has a six year old, and have I mentioned her patience tolerance? That kid screams and screams and it doesn’t even phase her. And she spends most of her weekends in her room, lord knows doing what!! You have to meet her, I’m sure you and her would hit off right away.

But enough of Victoria, tell me about yourself? Is life treating you right? Are the men spoiling you wildly? I’m laughing because I know the answers to all these questions. I blame it on Victoria once again. This alternating persona is affecting me as you see. I will see you tonight for our soccer game, and then our outing to a sports bar for a well needed crawfish demolition. (In my English accent) Farewell thy Sistah, may thee be blessed with enough clarity to outwit those who attempt to outmaneuver thee. Piece of cake, piece of pie. May you one day own all the parrots and ducks in this world. May harmony fall in tis lap. Peace.

The zenith human being in your lifetime
Your favorite and only sister
The one who drives all your pets mad
And drives all your boyfriends away (because there all idiots)
Perla Quintana

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