Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm too lazy to go find the connection of this laptop so anytime now my computer is going to shut down. 9% of battery left. I'm typing extra fast. A rapid raptor in some way. Well, lately I've been avoiding my cell phone. I go to soccer practice and I don't even take it with me. I leave it at home. I reply with short text messages or I simply don't reply at all. I just don't feel like interacting with anyone. I'm not gnashing my teeth at anyone nor am I sad. I'm a Cancer (astrology sign) for a reason. We come in and go into our shell for our very own accommodation. I just want to crawl into my hole and shut the world out for a while. You all know the feeling I'm sure. It just bites the dust seeing my friends reach out to me and I have no personal interest on there problems. I don't want them to take it personal but lets face it, that's pretty fucked up from my part. I can't help it though!!! It's just one of those days, months. Wake up, drop off Damian at school, drive to work, WORK, clock out at 5PM, join maniacs on the streets once again, eat, shit, exercise (P90X), shower the 6 yr old, shower myself, put the tiny man to sleep, read my book, and then knock the fuck out. I like my usual. I hope I start missing my friends soon or else my next post will be on how friendless I am. Well the battery icon is flashing non-stop now, like one of those broken motel signs on the side of the road. It's annoying the shit out of me. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

It's funny how some people can relate to someone alot. I'm pretty sure were not alone on this. But it's true sometimes you just don't feel like talking on the phone or just replying back to that simple text. It's nothing personal its just something that happens to us every once in awhile. True Friends should know how you are, so there the ones that are going to be by yourside no matter what! & you always got me! Your virtual friend. <3 btw It would be nice to meet you one day!
Keep on working on that P90X! I love food and I cheat all the time, so I know how tough it can be!

God Bless!!!

PQT said...

Yeah my friends don't really notice either. I hope. But for sure! We will meet very soon. I know you leave near 290 because you go the bally that's down the street on bingle. I read that some where lol I'll send you my phone number through FB in a bit. We will no longer be virtual aquaintances :)

Carmen Lee said...

Awww lol, I go to the on on 24 hour fitness on 290 lol not ballys but okay def excited!!!