Saturday, May 7, 2011

Damian's First Baseball Game

He's the sweetest thing on earth. Prince Damian Alexander, six years old. First game and win of the season. He plays shortstop and he's one hell of a hitter! He had two home-runs and completed seven runs in total. He never striked out, and was never called out while he was on base. He did fairly well for his first game!!! I'm just so proud of him.

P. S. I went to go deposit my check at the bank yesterday  (which I never do, never ever) anyhow, I saw my ex boyfriend sister at the tellers' window. Always these crazy coincidences, timing and dates, plus I have this terrific memory! It's a curse I tell you. Happy birthday V. C.!! He told me to not mention his family on  here so I'll use abbreviations instead.  I'm still abiding to part of his request. Plus, it is my blog after all. I run this!!  Oh and even if I didn't want to remember, I could never forget any of their birthdays. I will always have love for them. Always. Eeeeh. Peace.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Damian.... I bet you're one proud mommy.