Monday, May 30, 2011

Every Sunday

Sunday comes around and my heart is filled with the only love God can provide. Some where in his sense of time, on that very week when he iluminated the sky with the stars, and filled this Earth with a vast amount of oceans, and made all the flying animals, and there destined companions, in his given time he set in motion my destiny and the people among it. He gave me the one thing that no one else on this planet can offer. The type of love that can't be found anywhere else but at home. Comfort so immense that Mount Everest seems ridiculously small compared to it. I get to spend time with my family every single weekend. A privilege that many don't have. And for that I'm thankful. My home is filled with laughter and exchanged words, smiles and warm embraces, jokes and respectful teasing, good food and even better conversations. My family is the best thing in this world, the most loving gift God has granted me with. Each special in there own way, but loved and respected the same. Thank you. Peace.

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