Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lauryn Hill All & All

How do I put this out there without offending her? Ms. Hill's concert, well, unforgivably was too good to be true. And it killed me softly so softly being part of that concert. It didn't meet my expectations. It was an experience that for the love I have towards Lauryn, I'd probably tolerate all over again. Just hoping that the second time around her performance would be a little better. And I'd probably go to a third show and expect a little more and more. And so forth. Oh Lauryn Hill. . .besides Erykah Badu, and Bey Bey of course, I don't bump any other female artists. All the speculations and rumors that were brought up to my attention all checked off on her performance.

She didn't. . .
make it on time (3 hours late)
play enough songs from her Miseducation album
obviously do a sound check (speakers were horrible)
take time to put herself together
thank her fans enough for being patient
put on the show I expected her too put on.

It's just a bizarre atmosphere. 1/3 of the crowd was gone by 11pm, when her show was suppose to start at 8pm.

The greatness out of all of this is. . .
 we had great seats (thank you everyone that didn't wait for  her)
I was intoxicated by 9ish so I didn't mind waiting (keep the drinks comin')
The DJ before the after math was the bomb diggity
I got to be in the presence of one of the greatest R&B vocal artists
it's a one in a lifetime event (I'm sure of that)
I was there with one of my best friends and she's a good time. Always
I singed along and didn't lose my voice (for once)

So hey, it had it's up and down's. She just needs to make it on time, do a sound check, therefore it doesn't sound like she's suffocating the mike, sing ALL the songs to the Miseducation album, and some of her top hits that aren't featured in it, and keep the original beat. She played around 3 songs from that album but the beat and the tempo were not the same. Either they were to fast or to slow. Different instruments were used and she doesn't need all those back-up singers. Lauryn has a powerful voice already. I do however like how she wilds out on stage. All the hand movements and the constant nodding she does at her band. All in all, her music is  fucken phenomenal, but she's reached that age or stage where she doesn't care about public appearance any longer. And it happens to best of them sadly. Talib Kweli's Ms. Hill song justifies all of this and more. Peace.

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