Sunday, May 29, 2011

My Weekend Thus Far

I got home at 5:35 in the afternoon, Friday. I told myself, "Only 20 minutes of rest, nothing more nothing else." I heard a few voices, felt a few bright lights and even a few warm hands on my forehead. I checked my clock and it was 7:11. I couldn't understand if it was PM or AM. I panicked for a few seconds and realize it was Saturday morning. I honestly thought it was Friday all over again. I slept for 13 hours straight. The voices came from my son, my sister and mother. Apparently I shooed every single one of them away, the light on my eyelids was the on and off flickering my sister spent doing in search of some heals and the warm hand on my forehead came from my mother. She thought I was sick. She didn't find my resting very normal and neither did I. But I suppose working out 6 times a week has a toll on your body mentally and physically. So I slept and no one dared to wake me up. So there goes my entry for Friday night.

Saturday morning I was well rested. I woke up at 7AM and I decided to head to the nearby track. I ran 3 miles, picked up some breakfast and headed to my sista's house Dre. Spent two hours there, headed back home, showered and watched some futbol for the next 2 hours or so. This entire time, my son is out having the time of his life with his grandparents and father. Watched an equivalence of two movies, took a nap and woke up just in time to head out a karaoke bar with one of my besties. And now I'm sitting here typing two days of my weekend. Well, three if you count this Sunday.

Tomorrow I have a soccer game at 12PM. Sushi with an old friend around 2:30PM, and then out to the movie tavern with Traci to watch the Hangover part II around 9:30PM. I'm more than thrilled. I've watched the Hangover part I several times in the past three days and it never gets old. On a sour note, I missed one of my friends son's birthday party and I feel awful about it. I just had so much going on. Sorry Mari for missing baby OX's birthday. I'll make it up to both of you soon enough! With all of that said, off to typing up a poem. A few rhymes here an there will complete me tonight. Peace.

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