Sunday, May 8, 2011

Super Mothers

 It's a tough job that pays off with love every single day. And the mere thought of ever losing him is very distressing. A mother doesn’t necessarily have to be the woman that gives birth to the child; it’s the woman that cares day and night for him that deserves the title. A lot of women are blessed with the privileged to create and nurture a child for nine months, many are not. But it’s the woman that stays up with there baby at wee hours of the morning making sure there tiny blanket isn’t out of place, the woman that hurts just as badly when their child is sick, or the woman that wakes up extremely tired every morning, puts on a smile for their young, bathes and dresses him, drops him off at school, and watches him walk away knowing she has a tough day ahead of her. Those are the mothers that deserve this day and recognition. She works hard, cleans the house when she gets the chance, manages to cook up a hot meal, endless loads of laundry, longing hours of missed sleep and so forth. And not once have I ever heard her complain. This is the type of mother God has blessed me with. And although I’m still learning, I hope to be half the woman my mother is. To all the woman that would give their very own life for there child, or anything else in there world just to see them smile, to the mother that handles her, proudly wear that “S” in your chest. Happy Mothers Day.

  My son and his cousins. They come over to my Mom's house every Sunday. & I just love Sundays for that reason. Peace.


Unknown said...

Happy Mother's Day and Im loving lil'D 's socks,big fans over here at this house :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day.. Love the future models. How fun it is to be young.