Sunday, May 29, 2011

Friday Late Night Morning

And it seems like I'm never going to move forward
This relationship just seems to bring us lower & lower
Worst part is I can't share this with my good friends
Fashion comes & go and we still stay in the same fucken trends
I'm sitting there with you as if time hasn't passed on
In reality two years and some months have carried on
And like always I'm the one that loses
I run around and make decisions and some unrealistic truces
3am and I sit here in my fucken room
debating if going over will fix this unnecessary loom
When I get there its always the fucken same
Just you and I and your dog cuddling listening to the rain
I don't put any effort into this relationship
it just comes so easily and then we start to trip
His common words
you're fucking lying
but deep inside I'm really trying
please don't start the name calling
We're just friends and were already falling
God makes things happen for a reason so if its bound to fall then its gonna fall
he says this and I say that and I start to pound the wall
I kiss him on the cheek so anxiously
he reminds once again so I turn to leave
I unlock the door while my heart pounds a million to one beats
He stares out his window so nervously
I click my seat belt and start to cry
So overwhelmed on the shit that went down in this town
He calls my phone and tells me to calm down
in reality we've been in this same ring the same round
I drive away four thirty in the morning
Lay in bed and replay this shit like I'm fucking mourning
One hour till work and not one hour of sleep
I didn't count any of Mary's  jumping sheep
And even if you asked me back
I couldn't accept because were still in the same fucken path
Nothing has changed over the years
You have a girl and still contact me every month
And I crawl back to you like blinded moth
On a lonely illuminated night
So neither one of us is right
and even if I tried with all my might
I'll always be the ex that you couldn't get shit with right
So if you love me tell me soon or watch me disappear
or you'll get the short end of this stick the fucken rear
I'm just so confused about everything
I told you trust me for once about this certain thing
And so you did now what my sweet darling
I have no more words this trial and error has to end.
Do you comprehend all of this my dear friend?

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