Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where Da Bloggers at, Where Da Bloggers at, Where They at, Where They at, Where They at??

"Do you think we're going to lose our game tonight?"
I keep typing.
"Hello? Are you ignoring me?"
No, I'm blogging Sis. You know I don't listen when I'm blogging.
"You're just so strange. One of my friends, I can't remember which one but he said you're fucking weird.'
Still typing, why is that?
Because you blog. Like. That's just plain different.
Still typing. . . You say different like it's a bad thing.

Bloggers blog till' your fingers go numb. Share the unshared with the unfamiliar. Document your life, emotions, diversity, entertainment, and point of views daily, nightly. When we depart this lifetime, bet your ass they'll be reading all your shit. And this shit as well. Then who will be the weird one motherfuckers???? Peace.

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