Thursday, July 7, 2011

A Little Bit of This

I started my insanity work out once again. It felt good seeing all my sweat hit the floor. And every time after I work out, I stand in front of the mirror in my sports bra and I flex like crazy. Haha. As if results will magically appear after one hour of cardio. I get in my zone and I honestly do zone the fuck out. I just love love working out. Kanye West on deck, check. And I'll push it till' my legs go numb.

I'm sitting here typing and my phone keeps going off. This sweet sweet man always knows how to make me smile. Even if his world is flipped up side down, he manages to text the right things. And in the mornings, I swear I log in to my Facebook just to read his non-sense. This morning he mentioned his snail eating his fish. Half way in. I couldn't stop laughing. Those snails are silent murderers. Like the loch ness monster but tinier. He should name that snail of his Nessie. Anyhow, I appreciate you Mr. McGridles. And I would miss you even more if you ever left Houston. I don't see you as much anymore but I can't imagine not having you 15 minutes away. Cancel your electric daisy plans & go to NY with me. Pleaaaaaase! Thus far you've attended three different EDC's -_-


I need some sleep. Every night I go to bed around 1:30/2AM. And then at work I'm gulping down coffee like it's the last beverage on the planet. Good night cruel world, I'll see ya in the morning. (In my Kanye voice) Peace.

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