Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Queen Bee of the Beehives'

I waited for my turn to kick. With a few seconds to go I refreshed my Facebook and I was baffled by one of the posts. "Amy Winehouse dead at 27, should have gone to rehab." Before I could react to this commentary. I was up next. Kicked a high ball, which was caught before it hit the ground. "OUT" I hurried back to my phone and immediately checked the news and chills appeared to make there way through out my body. I then told the rest of my team mates and I couldn't help it but I kept repeating it over and over again. As if that was going to change a thing. Many of them didn't know who she was and the ones who did only knew her for being an addict. The first time I heard her on the radio I was totally fooled. I figured she was some old hag with a 60's hair do and clothing style. I couldn't believe such a tiny framed woman could roar that loud. I'm a devoted soulful listener. And when I hear a voice as such, what else can I do? Support the artist of course. If you know soulful music just a tiny bit, then you'd know soul and R&B has lost a magnificent voice. I only owned one of her albums but I have several downloads I purchased through The one currently playing on my blog is boss, my ultimatum. Fave. And it still makes me a little sad. Sigh.

If the sense of seeing was taken away from us and only our ears could be the judge, Amy J. wouldn't be disrespected at all. There really is more than what meets the eye. Her voice was majestic. It soared higher than high. It shined brightly and it illuminated its way into millions and millions of hearts. Her music will forever live on. RIP Miss Winehouse. Peace.

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