Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Side Kicking It

I miss blogging. I was so busy with my birthday that I forgot about the things I love to do the most. I stopped working out for about four days straight. And after losing fifteen pounds, I'm a little scared I might gained them back. I have so much on my plate. I started doing a little side business on the weekend. It started off with a free session here and there and now I'm like on demand. I'm doing face painting for kids birthday parties. It's so exciting! And I'm getting paid for it too.Then some of my friends requested a few canvas's. And they always finish it off with "you know I'm  going to pay you right?" Hell no! I love to paint. It's a hobby that I have to be in the mood for. I started Vivi's painting a month ago and it's still sitting in the same place collecting dust. And I'm 97% done with it. I just have to be in the mood, and that's very rare. Blogging is a little different. I miss these sweaty fingertips hitting the keys. As if I'm nervous when I blog or maybe it's the fact that I have so much to say and my thoughts come faster than the speed of my key strokes. Anyhow. I  like really missed it. I sometimes stand in lines like at restaurants or the food market and just start thinking about the different things I should be posting on here. Time is just sneaky. It creeps up on you. All of a sudden it's 5PM in the afternoon and that's your WHOLE day. Where the fuck did you go Tuesday?

Second project. I'm helping out one of my friends brother with another side gig. He asked me to set up a blog for his upcoming sandal business. Yes you read it right. At first he started making a few sandals here. Took a few rhyme stones and glued them to a simple sandal here and there. Suddenly,  the demand for these sandals increased. At first he was dropping off 3 to 5 pairs of sandals at the post office. Okay cool. Then it increased to 10 to 15. Soon enough his sisters tiny car was no match for these stacked up boxes. So now he has to invest on an SUV. And he found a good manufacturer in Indonesia that is now producing a bigger amount of shoes for him. A fab photographer that hooks him up with descent shots. He then upgraded to wedges, heals, boots and even men's shoes. I think its fucken great to just follow your heart. Dreams. So much time and patience and then all of a sudden your blowing up slowly. He deserves it. He honestly does. And the way his face lights up when he talks to me about his inventory and designs is just fucken magnificent. So I told him I would help since I'm not doing shit at the time. No school, just work. And my son is at that age where all he wants to do is be outside with his friends. So he's giving me some ME time lately. As soon as I'm done helping him build this site, I'll post a few sandals on here.

I just feel so fucken good. I'm doing more than I usually do and it's an out of this world feeling. I'm so involved with other peoples dreams right now, that it just motivates me that much. You always hear about these "Oh I was selling shirts from the back of my trunk. . ." sorta deal, but being a part of it just makes that much more of a fairy tale. Soon I'm sure, I'll have my very own happy ending.

I was placed on this Earth to do something spectacular. I just know it. I'm not cut out for sitting behind a desk and being somebodies bitch. I love nature and people. I love humanity and every specie of animal out there. I'm too much for an office and a desk. I want to write while sitting on a tree branch in the middle of no where. I want to wake up and just wander in to dessert of green scenery, help third world countries and teach them everything I know. I want to write my own story. In my own words. In as many languages possible. I just want it all. Peace.

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