Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Find Yourself My Dear

My sister from a different mister had lost herself in this journey. After her mother passed, she wandered this world without a sense of direction, she lost faith and not even God was enough. She needed spiritual guidance and since she couldn't find it within, she was on a quest to find it else where. And this is where my story begins.

She never mentioned it to me before and I never heard of this Buddhist Monk in my life. His name is Cau Chin and he lives in the Southwest side of Houston. I hopped in her car as early as 8:55am and we journeyed out into the heart of China Town. As usual we rant on about our night and our busy week. Till' we realize we have no clue where we're heading.
"You said head this way."
"Well yeah because that way wasn't the right way."
I pull out Vicky (my GPS) and without a doubt she points us to the right direction. We laugh hysterically. After a 20 minute drive we arrive to the parking lot of this famous spiritual guider. We wrote down several questions we planned on asking him about. Well, I had sub-topics:
And the BFF had a whole grocery list. We sat in the car and looked at each other. I was so nervous I smoked a cigarette. And you can tell I was out of my zone because I almost turned it on at the gas station. As I brought the lighter to the tip of the cigarette she yells out,
"What the hell Pearl? We're at a gas station!!"
"Yeah, Cau Chin wouldn't direct a single word to you if he knew you blew up a gas station!"
I gave her the stink eye and laughed till' I couldn't.
Finally, the moment had came (or so we thought). It's eerie. The whole thing makes the hairs on your back stand up. We walk in and there's several chairs facing the front. Monuments and tiny statues filled the room. A few tiles on the ceiling are replaced by translucent clouds and butterflies. The walls are vivid yet display a pastel, lavender color. The frames hanged on the walls are different sizes and colors. But it goes together as a whole. The room just makes you feel complete. You immediately have to take your shoes off and place them on the shelves to the left. We looked at one another nervously and walk towards the help desk. We are greeted and asked to sign in. She's lucky number 84 and I'm oddly number 85.
"It will be a few hours so I suggest y'all go get some food and then come back." We didn't argue with that. We walked out and took a deep breath. As if we were holding our breath the entire time we were in there.
"Oh my gosh did you feel that?" she exclaims.
"I know how freaky."
We raved on and continued to hold on to that glorious feeling till' we get to our breakfast place. We sat and conversed for two hours and then we decided to head back. So here we go again. Back to the temple of Mr. Chin. . . .to be continued. Peace.

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