Wednesday, August 17, 2011

NY On My Mind

As of today I'm getting of my ass and I'm going to pursue the healthy Perla I dearly miss. I haven't worked out in over a month! So I will be hitting my cardio workouts and weight sets again. This will make my days go by faster, not to mention my son is going back to school the 22nd. That will surely speed up things. I just want it to be September 1rst. I want to leave this city and hit the Red Apple for six days straight. I have never ever left my son for more than a weekend so this will definitely be a new challenge. Thank you to the Einteins' that invented Skype or else I don't know how else I will be able to see his splendid face. And don't mind the Michael Jackson make-up below, I'm literally a walking roasted marshmallow, so I'm not sure what kind of tan I will be once this sunburn heals. I totally need some new make-up! Ha-ha. Hip-Hop heads stand up!! Peace.

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