Saturday, September 10, 2011

& It Went a Little Something Like This

How many of you can sit here and say, "Yeah that just happened!" We made dreams come true. And I don't mean it in a homo sorta of way. Botch & I simply made it happen. We talked the talk and walked the walk. We both come from such diverse ethnicity's and distinct countries. Just uttering the words Texas and Canada in the same sentence left a few people in awe. Like really? So how did y'all end up here ey? Our passion for music and blogging was the magic to it all. We hopped on a plane and met in NYC. And now I consider her more than just any ol' friend. She put a smile on my face and introduced me to music I now bump my head to intensely. And honest to God truth, I miss her. I miss everything about her. I can't point out anything despicable about her. She's unique in her own Botch style. To the girl with the red lipstick and insane shoe game. I await our next adventure. Peace. XOXO.


syntifik said...

omg perla, you have easily become my best friend.. can't wait to write my entry about YOU ! !!!!

PQT said...

<33 you're the bestest greatest Canadian in this entire wooooorld!!