Thursday, September 29, 2011

Love Don't Live Here Anymore

You know that feeling that rumbles as you watch & stare at a good person turn & walk away from it all. Holding back those life changing words that are bottled up within, words that will never be heard. At times I wish I had that voice to say what I really thought, what I really wanted to say, the thousand apologies I never recited out loud, the river of tears you so graciously deserved. My passion for writing is immense, it's grand canyon wide on so many levels. I wish I could be the same with people. But if it wasn't for this beating heart. Or the branches of blood that spread through out my body, you'd mistake me for something hollow & empty. Life less. I have no interest in people that are outside my circle. I don't even notice guys anymore. I'm not who I was a year ago, shit, I'm not even the same person as yesterday. I'm a revolver waiting for that bang. Russian roulette play day on the regular. I need to find myself, somehow, some where along the way I lost everything. Now I'm just this distraught being with no intentions to fall in love again. Love don't live here anymore. Sing it Faith Evans. Peace.

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