Tuesday, September 20, 2011

New York Withdraws'

I MISS. . .
my Canadian friends
Botch & Bianca
waking up at 1PM
and going to bed when people are heading to breakfast
Shack Stack's Shroom burger
Smith's accross the street
our first fancy dinner
taking the subway &
being okay if we ended up lost
Our NY friends
our Brooklyn adventure
Brandon & Raquel
Soho's ice cream
China Town
Little Italy
even the hangovers
walks down Central Park
random shots of children chasing pigeons
on the Metropolitan Museum steps
the flashy lights from Times Sq.
TIMES SQUARE struts at all times of the day & night
shopping at H&M
the flower shops at every corner store
NYC cops in there sophistacated uniforms
their accent
room service
our last fancy dinner
feeling so free
worry free
blowing money like it grows on trees

Can we repeat Rock The Bells at Gov. State Island?
Please please please!

Botch called me this Saturday night around 2am. We were both faded. I don't even recall speaking to her honestly. But I'm sure our conversation was beyond pleasant. She lives thousands & thousands of miles away. Shit I even need a passport to get to her. And we still manage to text & call each other as if we're minutes away. Tell me what you know about my friends??? Peace.


Anonymous said...

I miss you LOTS!!! I wish it was that easy to get to you otherwise botch and I would be there in a hot minute !! For the five days that I had to hangout and got to know you ! I feel like I've known you for a long time ! Your an amazing and a beautiful woman ! Love ya !!


PQT said...

Yesss! I get super down from time to time. I need y'all in my life B. You & Botch are like a part of me now, foreign long lost cousins I've finally been rejoined with. Idk its freaking insane & ppl don't know this mutual feeling we share. I don't expect em' to understand nor do I care, what we have is real! Those five days in NY happened! & we will make it happen again, eventually! Lufff ya more & I miss yuh dearly! Squeeeeze B! :P