Thursday, September 15, 2011

O' What A Nightmare

I fluttered open my eyes – a vibrant deep red surrounded me. As lonely as an island, I laid there on the velvet silk. A foul wrenched smell of metal filled the ambiance. I made an attempt to move my body – what an adverse gesture of my part. I could feel the stone hard concrete on my left cheek and at the same time the lukewarm liquid molded around my face. Whispers filled every corner of the room but not one living soul around. I tried to make sense of it all but the agony throughout my body overcame any righteous sense I had left. Faint voices continued to shower the room. With a roar as loud as a lions, I yelled out for help. Neither a chirp nor a grunt of dismayed was let out. I was alone – face down in a massive puddle of blood. I had sunk in my own river of life. O’ what an atrocious dream.

The mind is as powerful as you want it to be. Dreams are gathered thoughts of your last spoken words or gathered graphic memories before going to sleep. But what do dreams really mean? 8th wonder of the world. Peace.


Anonymous said...

That is a wild dream !

The other night I had a dream I had a huge fight with my dad, when I woke up my heart was racing and I wanted to get up and yell at him ! I was furious ! Then I remembered it was only a dream.


PQT said...

Yeah I woke up the same way last night! I couldnt go back to sleep. Rawr. Nightmares are not a good time!