Thursday, October 6, 2011

Walk That Walk

You give and give and give, while they take and take.
You empty yourself to nothingness.
And guess what your left with?
Vast emptiness.
They get to walk around with your love and respect.
They step all over it every change they get.
And you take it.
Day and night, you take it.
You don’t know what good is.
You never had it before.
So you settle for what you have always known.
And the first chance you have at a good thing.
You better believe you’ll blow it.
That’s life for you.
Fill that cup till’ your half empty or half full.
Fill that heart of yours with remorse and regrets
Till’ you lose it.
Or let that cup tip over and break.
The way your heart breaks every time they walk out the door.
But your heart only breaks
It never shatters.
So even if the cracks are visible
It’s just a mere reminder of the past that’s made you stronger.
Give the world a smile.
Walk your walk in those shoes mile per mile.
That’s life for you.


syntifik said...

K loser get a phone already.

PQT said...

Haha. I have a phone. You can call me & text, I just can't text or dial out! So call me some time Botchness. I miss that valley voice of yours :P hahaha. XOXOXO.

syntifik said...

LOL! damn this valley girl voice gets me nowhere.

call you later! when i'm drunk and hopefully you will be too.