Monday, November 21, 2011

Breaking Dawn

I know your thoughts. "Really? You watch Twilight too?" Before you get all vampi phobic on me, hear me out. The only reason I contribute to the insane gross amount of revenue that this film wheels in is simply because I've read all the books. And although most readers are able to project there own characters in there minds without the help of anyone. It doesn't kill us in any way to see it through the visionary of others. And honestly, as most readers would agree, the books are way better than the films. Always. No exceptions. With that said, I'm still riding the same horse when it comes to choosing films over books. There's no way in hell you can compound and genuinely make a movie that is only two hours long and expect a reader to be completely satisfied. Even if you sit down and read the entire book without any interruptions, it will take you more than two hours. However, I am looking forward to Mitch Alboms' Have a Little Faith movie which will be featured on ABC next Sunday. Definitely looking forward to that. Also, I will not spoil this movie for anyone but parents, if your children are 12 years or younger, I don't recommend  you taking them to see this. Find a sitter and go on your own. Or find some Twi die hard fans and enjoy this film. Just keep the kiddies at home. Peace.

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