Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cause I Live This Shit

I got murked yesterday morning. Not that kind of murked. Well perhaps it feels that way. My life could have been snatched away from me just like that!! Some stranger cut me off on my way to work and almost ended my life. (pretty dramatic right?)  Or vise versa. I was able to walk out my Jeep, I couldn't say the same for the misses in the light blue Lexus. Her doors were jammed shut. And there was no need for unnecessary remarks. She knew she was at fault and now her insurance is paying for it. And even though last night I felt like I got hit by a car, I managed to say my prayers at night and catch a few zzzzzzz's. This morning I feel like I got hit by a train, but fuck it, at least I'm able to sit here and blog about it. Many don't have the same privilege. Live it! Fuck it I'm on one. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

oh my gosh!! Thank God Your okay!!! :)

PQT said...

Thank you Carmen! I'm glad I'm okay too :p