Monday, November 21, 2011


If you haven't, then you should! This has to be the best movie I've watched this year. I do warn you though, if you are a true Greek lover, this movie won't fancy you the slightest. They have it all wrong. But the graphics and the way the plot was portrayed is grand and epic. I've watched it twice. I wanted to experience it in 3D. Mmmm stick to the 2D. There's to much going on for your eyes to manage under those 3D glasses. But it's definitely worth a movie ticket cost.


Carmen Lee said...

ahhh I forgot it was in Theaters!! I was gonna go yesterday with the bf but we decided to rent from the red box.. We saw Hanna you should see it!

PQT said...

I also saw Hanna. But this one, you'll love Lee. It's fucken phenomenal!