Monday, November 21, 2011

Movies & Lunch

If you know me then you know that besides playing soccer I love to sleep. Yeah, yeah "I'll sleep when I'm dead. . . ." But sleep is necessary or else our minds wouldn't know when to shut down the way they do when there exhausted. This Sunday I was more than pleased to wake up a tat bit early to take these three rugrats out for the day. They happen to be my son's best friends and mycousins from my mothers side. One child is a handful so I went an extra two miles with these two. I took them to go watch Happy Feet 2 and they loved every moment of it. It has that "umph" like the first film but what's not to love about furry, tiny penguins? It's two hours of laughs and a few morals that should be taught to children such as:

Believe in yourself
There's nothing in this world you can't do if you set your mind to it
You might not know who you are just now but one day you'll find yourself. Your true self.
Listen to your mother and father.
Never eat the yellow snow (haha)
Follow your heart, your dreams.
Friends are essential
Family and friends are what you call home.
Find your voice
Not all those who wander are lost
You might part from the norms you are accustomed to temporarily, but you'll always find your way back.
And lastly . . . everyone has a genre that there heart is synced too, that being dancing, singing or any media of music. Hip hop or rap. R&B or even Opera. Or blogging and writing.Whatever it is, go crazy but keep it classy.

Here they are. My sun-rays of sunshine on a Sunday morning. Peace.