Friday, November 4, 2011

Not A Clue

I’m uncertain of this day
Of last night
I do things out of impulse
Not a lot of thought goes into it
But it just feels right
I can’t help but to ponder
And contemplate
How do I remain there?
Where is that force field I seek
so eagerly to protect me from you?
Not even Sky Walker could save me
From this darkness
From this pity feeling we share
Our actions don’t seem shrewd 
We’re just two mad people in this world
When will this madness come to a halt?
Is there more to it then we think?
Or is my sensitive side over thinking this again.
Questions followed by my own answers.
Not a vowel from you
No form of sensibility from you
Just a man with a reason
And that reason doesn’t splatter
Love or lust
So I may be uncertain of this day
Of this hour 
of this minute
and this second
But I'm certain of this moment
and the moment we shared 
last night
I'm certain it was real
Even if it wasn't to you
Dreaming with your eyes wide open isn't a sin
It's merely anything to you
but it means the sky and world to me



Carmen Lee said...

Sometimes I go through what your going through.. I don't know if that makes any sense.. but anyways I can totally relate to this post!

PQT said...

It makes sense! It always make sense in some delusional way :D