Tuesday, November 8, 2011

This Is Not My Week or Weekend

Without a doubt Perla, pull yourself together! It isn't entirely my fault! My bodies mechanism isn't at it's best
lately! Or perhaps there was a knight fighting off this not so gnarly virus for an extended period of time. I've been puking cats and dogs since last week, and my body finally stop fighting Monday night. I haven't had any type of solid food in my stomach in over two days. And although I'm loving this flat tummy, I know it's not a good way of embellishing it. I feel a lot better today. I'm still a tat bit nauseous. But A WHOLE LOT BETTER! Screw you stomach virus. All the viruses at that! Yes even computer viruses. Especially those mothersuckers! Ksjfoaf nviodsfhas fasfasnfa!!!!! I'm just tired of being so fucking sick! I want to feel like myself again. All these doctor visits are a waste of time and not to mention the hours I am missing at work. I can't even make it to soccer practice tonight without feeling like my stomach will come out through my mouth. Sorry for the visual but I've had my face down a toilet for the past two days. Sensitive much? Fuck that noise. I just want to be able to enjoy my favorite foods again. Pizza and salads drowned in Ranch. My mouth is watery thinking of it. Meeeeh. Fuck this week! Not Friday. Never Friday. After 5PM, I'm in such a ballistic mood. I want to wild out with my besties. Four Lokos here and there. (If I can find them at a cornerstone) No luck this weekend. Bleeeeh. And I miss Botcho so much. It's pretieee tragic actually. Sigh.
Back to my rambling on, I'm looking forward to November 15th. Yes, yes I'm sure you are aware
of the date. Drake's new album release date. I'm sure many of y'all have pirated and downloaded his album already but I'm pretty loyal to my artist. I have to have the album. The actual life size, I can hold in my hand album. Also, that Friday, November 18th, (which is also one of my fave Drake tracks), I'll be heading to New Orleans for my besties slash cousins 25th birthday!! Beyond fucking psyched! What's not to love about a trip to a foreign city with familiar faces? Faces you adore!? Hmmmm.New Orleans will also be holding there annual Shrimp PoBoy festival. (Mouth watery once again) So let the days go by and the evenings follow, let the nights be extremely long and full of life. Let next week be here before I know it! Peace.


syntifik said...

wahhehh i love you, get well soon!

PQT said...

I <3 ya Jess!