Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Yesterday Was Exactly That

Yesterday was yesterdays news, you can't mend it,  replace it, or change it but you have today and that's more than sufficient. There is not one soul on this earth that knows  you better than you know yourself. They can judge you based on what they see or hear but they'll never know the real deal. With that said, make things right with yourself. Thank God for another day, for the family that he's given you, and for the handful of friends who you can call at 4AM and be certain they will be there to lend you an ear. Be thankful for what you have, for the roof over your head, and the clothes on your back. And the next time you let one person make you feel like the dirt you walk on, remember that they probably have it worst. Don't lower yourself to there level. You were raised better than that. At least I know I was. My parents raised four strong minded individuals and their approval is all I need. Peace.

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