Monday, December 5, 2011


I didn’t emphasize on it too long, one morning I simply decided to no longer be a part of that. And if these words aren’t truer than true, then I wouldn’t be where I’m at now. I don’t have much to gore myself over. I am not the owner of some prestigious award whom one out of seventeen million people can obtain in their life time, nor was I the youngest person in the world to accomplish anything. But I am able to recognize my own flaws. Acknowledging is the first step to acceptance. You accept yourself for who you have become and in your own way you continue to make progress as the days proceed. Your peers may not notice but with out a doubt you have that confidence flowing through you. I don’t walk around pretending to be someone I’m not. I don’t splurge money I don’t have in my bank accounts. I don’t dress or buy things that I can’t afford. I’m simple. Besides traveling, there’s nothing else in this world that fancies me. I want to live it. I don’t obtain experience from a purse or a bag or a piece of material. The day I past away, the exact moment God calls me home, I want to part this world knowing my body was weary and my eyes were truly the window to my soul.

I don’t know what makes a person come back time after time to read my blog but I’m grateful. Hopefully my words and trials help you in some way, either in a form of entertainment or delight. Even if it's just to pist yourself off by reading my words, I hope you get enough of it. Publishing your thoughts on a public site has its double standards but it’s a risk most writers have to take. To be criticized and appraised at the same time is a bittersweet feeling.A feeling I fumble with from time to time.

And this morning I’m making the attempt of letting him go once again. And if I fail then you will read about it in a few months. I will never be ahead if I keep going back. I have to forget about the pleasure I acquire and center my attention on what really matters. . . . my heart. I have to this for myself. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

I think what your doing is awesome Perla! I know a couple of people close to me that are unable to produce eggs or can't get pregnant. So this is wonderful, God will continue to bless you, I just know it. We are meant to have an amazing life. :)

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! As I was reading carmen's blog i accidentally pressed something and it directed me to ur blog. Just by reading the first sentence i was captivated im impressed how u express ur feelings and emotions. Becoming an egg donor is one of the most precious gifts u can give. My respects to u, i may not know u but i already admire u. Good luck on everything u desire! Ur an Inspiration...

PQT said...

A million thanks to both of you. Both of you don't know how heart warming those few sentences are. They settle in the right places. Thank you once again. Keep writing ladies, and I'll keep reading!! :D xoooxooo