Monday, December 12, 2011

Ravishing Weekend

This weekend was brilliant! Besides leaving my house for one of my best friends’ daughter and sons birthdays, I spent my weekend in pajamas. I wasn’t in the mood for putting on my face and rocking out four inch heals. I headed to the nearest Redbox and watched several movies till’ the wee hours of the night. It actually makes your weekend feel two days long. (Possibly longer)  I’m well rested and ready to conquer the world. (Sarcasm obviously)

My aunt whom I haven’t seen in over three years finally visited from Mexico City. My uncle works for ICE and he’s obligated to live in several cities for a period of time. He’s been all down the Southern coast, from Brazil to Colombia to Costa Rica to Mexico. And most of the time my aunt and my beautiful cousins have to go with him. Sundays pertain to God and Family. One of my aunts or uncles are usually over at our house on Sundays. And yesterday we drew tiny folded up papers from a cup which even my hand didn’t glide in too smoothly, Secret Santa of course, the ladies talked among them on what to cook etc. We just sat around and wondered who had each others names. 

O’ AND HOW ABOUT THOSE TEXANS? (CAPITALIZED TO EMPHAZISE MY EXCITEMENT) I couldn’t watch the last thirty seconds of that game. My uncles were so calm. I zinged back and forth in the kitchen. Prior to those final seconds, I twitted, “BELIEVE. GO TEXANS.” I knew Yates would pull it off. I just knew it. And surely enough we scored that touchdown and field goal to be over the Cincy Bengals just like that. I roared and squealed (It’s possible) jumped my jubilant ass around. It was magnificent! PLAYOFFS BABY!!

Now I’m sitting here at work drinking my coffee and looking forward to my sons’ Christmas party on Friday. Oh, and I’m also excited to start my weight and ab routines all over again. No more being a fatty. Although I’m not doing it to impress someone else, I’m doing it because it makes me feel good. Being single and being fit has its benefits.

Own this Monday readers! Grab it by the M and make it your bitch. (So vulgar I know) Peace.

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