Monday, January 23, 2012

A Grasp of Reality

I realize it doesn't have to be this way. I shouldn't appreciate the things I have due to someone elses crumbling world. I should be grateful all the time. But today one of my close friends was another victim to a scumbag. Why do most guys split when shit gets serious? When family gets involved? When shit is so good to be true? Maybe it is. Maybe you know she's the best thing you'll ever have and it's just to much for your ass. Or maybe your intentions changed as time went by. Regardless, you felt short along the way and you didn't give your honest in sight on the situation. Where are your testicles now? Be a man and be about your words. If your relationship was based on sex but you still fed the girl bullshit with your caring words, with your non-sense on marriage and LOVE. C'mon??! Get the fuck out of here.

I have more respect for a man that will lay down the foundation, some rules, truth on what he is looking for, even if it is a blunt one. At least he isn't feeding you shit you want to hear. Now, if the girl decides to run with it, and deprive her feelings from getting involved, you got yourself a ball game. But we know how difficult that can be for a woman. But hey your the shot caller of your life. It's not like your settling for less, you've just settled for what it is. And many will think it's degrading to a woman, just being a piece of ass, a late night tip, but who really knows what goes on behind close doors? Nobody, but you and him. Run your own show. We all get lonely from time to time. Find comfort in those arms but don't let your heart get involved. Be just as smart as him, shit, be even smarter.

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