Friday, February 24, 2012

Another Leap Year for Her

Tonight we celebrate one of my closest friends birthday. She’s quite the odd beam. Given the fact she was born on a special day. February the 29th! It shows up on our calendars every four years. It just leaps right through. She’s hard to know but worth knowing. She’s like one of those majestic seashells at the bottom of the ocean, the ones you dive for over and over again till’ you find the right one. Her character is beyond strong therefore it makes her a tough individual. She’s considerate and caring all the time, even when she isn’t trying to be. “I bought these mascaras, they come in four colors, and well you know how good you look in teal colors P? I’m giving you the teal green, I hope you like it!” And her kindness goes way beyond mascaras. Besides being a gem, she is a hard rock, a diamond that was born to shine her light. And although we have our disagreements here and there, there’s not one obstacle we can’t over come. She’s also like the older sister I never had! Although I may not always show it, I am very appreciative to have you in my life. I am overwhelmed by joy to have a best friend like you. And I know the parents of the children you teach are delighted to have you as well. What I would give to have my son in your class one day.! Maybe! See you tonight, where memories will be made that will last this entire lifetime. I love you T.L. Happy early birthday! Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

i LOVE your hair here! I must try !

PQT said...

My hair is super short though. I think you can still do it to your front layers. DO IT. & share your pic w meeeeee xoxoxoooo

Anonymous said...

I agree