Wednesday, February 29, 2012

This Came Out of No Where

As of lately all I’m about is working out and eating right. Kid Cudi and The Weeknd. Spending time with my son. Dining with my friends. Going to bed early and waking up late. Starbucks almost every day. Looking after Luna. Reading. Insanity. Protein shakes. Vitamins and supplements. Not tending to this hair at all. It’s so short. UGH. I can’t believe I chopped it off. Never do things out of impulse. Or else you’ll wind up with shoulder length hair. WZRD. Blogging here and there. Twitter. My girlfriends. Traci’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Love! Brothers’ Pizza is still the best pizzeria in Houston. Paying bills is super sorry. Enjoying this life is still pretty majestic. Living right. Doing better. My job is superb. My boss lady is the shit. More White Chocolate Mocha’s please. Bee C. is the greatest. And will always be. True friends are hard to find but worth every minute of your time. At least mine are. Botch is backpacking across Canada. I hope you find that serenity you seek. Or those drunken nights I also love to hear. Stay humble. Be safe. See you in April. Coachella. California. Indio. Los Angeles. Airports. All to soon. All to late. Pick. Writing. Sketching. I need you. Kanye West is love. Pensive. Let go. I’m trying. I have a head start. Kickball is fun. Especially with Carmen, MC, Los, JR, Vic, Lilly, Cris, Marcos, Jasso. Indoor soccer where everybody knows your name & there always glad you came. Cheers jingle. Big Bang Theory. The Office. Michael, Dwight, Jim. My favorite. New music please. Love letters and love poems. Where are you? My brother and his new car. BOSS. My sister. I love thee. My other brother and his comedy. Enjoyable. My parents. THE FUCKEN GREATEST. Stay right. Lay low. Haters are welcomed. Not just here but everywhere. Keep doing you. And you don’t have to worry about them. Cruise in June. Soon is not soon enough. And your wasted, yeah I’m the reason that you’re always getting faded. Take a shot for me. Praying for your happiness hope that you recover. Hope you let the past be the past. Move forward emotionally. She wasn’t the one. I wasn’t the one. But you gave it your all & that’s what matters. Put yourself out there. Don’t hide in your den. Strive. It’s been two weeks. But I’m not giving in. It’s not worth it. Or is it? I don’t have the answers to my own questions. Do you? Okay. I’m through. Peace. 

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