Tuesday, March 6, 2012


All the ruckus out there doesn't seem to resemble the pain you feel in there.
I don't have the words for you today. Nor tomorrow. Nor the day that follows.
I'd catch every tear that rolled down your face if that was even possible.
But like a waterfall, somethings on this Earth are inevitable.
I'd offer you my comfort and my presence but not even that would be sufficient.
What you most dearly seek is no longer here and what is taken can't be replaced.
The misery of it all is very relevant.
It happens everyday in every dark shadow of this world.
You grow to love and accept to lose.
A bittersweet battle everyone must face at one point in their lives.
You my dear, have fought several along this journey.
A give and take mechanism that doesn't benefit you in any way.
It's recreation. It's misunderstood. It's blasphemy. It's life.
It's something your heart can't bare but must learn to live without.
And time will ease your pain but it won't fill the void you feel.
I wish you enough in these times of sorrow.
May the serenity you seek stumble upon your soul gracefully and eventually.
Maybe not today. Nor tomorrow. Nor the day that follows.
But you must give time, well, time.
I'll hold you close, here, next to my beating heart.
And I'll keep you and your family in prayer.
Everything is always to soon, too late.


syntifik said...

Oh my Perla. Thank you so much:(
I cried a lot reading this, but it helped so much and made me realize just how much I love you. More than I could ever express through cyber text. You, darling, mean so much to me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Carmen Lee said...

Wow Perlita..... Just wow

I hope your friend gets through all of what has happened.


Anonymous said...

Bravo Perlita mi favorita!

PQT said...