Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Don't Swallow Your Words

And today I did the hardest thing in the world. I took back my words. And if you know me as a person, words is all I have to offer. They mean more to me than anything else. Words don't have a value. The value itself is in the character of a person. They truly are priceless. It's the words a person writes down on a Hallmark card, the tone in there voice when they whisper those three loving words "I love you" or even those tiny love notes a loved one leaves behind early in the morning or late evening, it's the words expressed in a movie which eventually will be quoted because they were just that great, many words that have been quoted by writers, authors, powerful individuals which make a tiny difference in your life in the moment when you most need them. Words that are relevant to your situation, which at times you find yourself thinking, "Damn, He or She couldn't have said it any better." 

You see. . . they leave an impact behind. . . they pierce through your soul and they stay with you forever. But what has said can't be undone. . . or can it? In this rare occasion it can. Peace.

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