Monday, June 4, 2012

Here I Go Once Again

I have approximately less than a month to get to where I want to be weight wise. I started off my morning with GNC's meal replacement protein shake. And I will start the second part of Insanity as well. My main focus will be cardio six times a week, with a few jogging sessions in between. I would say two to three miles at least three times per week. And my least favorite. . . stomach exercises followed by weight sessions. Frowning. I'm also cutting off all carbs from my diet. If you want it bad, you have to work for it. Nothing in this world ever comes easy. With that said, I will be doing your workouts everyday. Peace. 


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't cut your carbs out completely !! You need it for energy ! Just at least a slice of bread for breakfast or a cup of rice per meal is okay ! Otherwise you'll be exhausted ! And once you put carbs again in your body you will gain all that weight instantly !


PQT said...

I am just doing it for this month B. Once my Cancun trip is done with, I'll start including them in my meals in small portions. :) Don't worry. . I GOT THIS B. :P