Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Little Bit Is Just Enough or Is It?

My days aren’t short enough and my nights are quite the contrary. I need to get back on it. I’m not sure when I fell off my saddle but some where along the way I had a bad fall. I didn’t feel the drop so either I’m numb to it all or the ground wasn’t there - Which means I’m still falling.

Work is hectic and I really miss school. So much that I’ve been reading nonstop. I know school isn’t for everyone but school is for ME. What’s not to like about learning? I love everything about it except not being at home with my little man. I’m the happiest when I’m at home. Even with my Pops’ being sick, heart is where the home is.

I miss Botch so so much. I hope to see her soon. My heart can’t bare this much longer. This distance is surely a trial. And so far it has made our friendship that much stronger. Soon enough my dear.

Right now a few things are upside down. And I feel quite lonesome. I’ve contemplated long enough and I know where I stand as her friend. I just wouldn’t ask the same from her. . . not ever. . . not in this life time. But I respect her and right now I just feel very disappointed in our relationship. I hope it finds its way. The same way life finds its way through a concrete crack. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. I pray so. Peace.