Tuesday, July 24, 2012

His 18th Birthday

When you were fifteen you asked me for a video game.
When you were sixteen you asked me to take you out for dinner.
When you were seventeen you asked for a new cell phone.
For your eighteenth birthday you wished for something non materialistic, something out of your control, the only thing money can not buy - for Dad to get better.

That shows character and maturity. And I'm  incredibly proud of the man you have become. Thank you for your strength and your appreciation among the years. Thank you for your patience. And for never being on their side. Thank you for not taking the time to judge me in any way. I hope your birthday was everything and more. Happy birthday once again brother! I love you immensely! XOOOXOO. Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

Wow! Perla! Happy Birthday to your Bro. & As always Hoping your dad gets better! Mucho Amor Amiga xoxoxo

PQT said...

Thank you Lee. Thank you soo soo much!!