Thursday, July 5, 2012

One Single Breath

Even if you are speaking the truth, your words have no self value. Along the way, you fell short, your words were near utters. Nothing you ever say will be true to me again. 

And just as easy, this grey cloud settled over me - it taunted me with its color of sorrow. It made me feel weary and troubled. There was so much I needed to say. There were to many unspoken words. But you asked me to stay there. To never feel again. And ever since then I've been a walking zombie. I need to feed on life to stay alive. But ever since you parted. . . all my senses have disappeared. I've become this monstrous being. I have no sense to love, no eagerness to find it. What has been done will never be undone. I can't retrace these steps, they faded some where along the way.

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