Monday, August 6, 2012


For the first time in six years I didn't call or stop by to wish her a happy birthday. I let that part of me go. & so I decided to let go of everything that came along with him. & needless to say I don't feel very triumphant. She always told me that our friendship had nothing to do with him. That we would always remain friends. & I've always held those words rather close to my heart.

I feel like a total jerk. I'm guessing this is how jerks feel when they forget there spouses anniversary or birthday. And even though I didn't forget, it's just a very hollow feeling. But in order for me to progress I have to do this. You can't progress if you don't try to erase all the things that caused you stress.

I am here now. & I can't go backwards. Still. I can't fade this feeling. Peace.

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