Monday, September 10, 2012

Canada Lovin'

I have this habit of texting Botcho when I'm Four Loko'd out. And vise versa. We just can't get enough of each other. Most people drunk text there ex's or somebody that will give it to them late at night. We text each other and we're exactly 1,525 miles apart. I know what you're thinking. Who in the world still drinks Four Loko's. Ummm we do! I don't drink to get drunk to often, only because I'm usually driving and I really want to see another day. And I dread DUI's the same way Nas dreads paying all that child support to Kelis. Plain ridiculous. Well tonight Botch text me and this is our exact text message conversation, SOBER. So just imagine us on Four Lokos.

B: Nas just came on. . . Man I wish you were here. I miss you!!

P: I try not to to think about you too much. But I always find myself saying, "Oh, Botch woulda love that." Like they've met you or something. & even if they just think you're a fragment of my imagination, I know our friendship is the real deal. Your like a missing limb. I hate that you're so far away. Regardless, I miss you. & I await for the day we see each other again. Yes homo lol.

B: Oh wow. Okay. Thank you.
You wanna make out orrr

P: Lol

B: Meet me behind the stairwell (Queensbridge)

P: Meet me at Frank's Pizzeria off of Travis. Love you more.

B: Oh, gahd. I might cry... of joy!

P:Yeah I'm a little teary ovah here. Have a safe night.
P.s. I'm proud of you.

B: Ahhhhh I'M THERE! You lady, are my world! Dont you ever forget it! Thank you thank you thank you. I'm so glad you're in my life. I will hold you close for the rest of my days. Xoxoxoox.

P: Now I'm crying.
Yes, you will forever be in my heart as well!
Gosh! We're so lame that we make lame seem so cool, expressing all these things. Xoooooxxo.

B: Haha don't cry! We will be together soon.

P: I know so :)

The honest truth is. . . I do miss this woman everyday. And I try not to think about her to often simply because it drives me wild that she's so far away. It brings me down in a way I can't really express. But I bring her up all the time. Just yesterday while I was at a thrift store looking for nothing in particular, I came across a tribal skirt, and I told my friend, "Oh this is so Botch." And he looks up at me and says, "That's the Canadian girl, right? Oh right, you've never met her. Sucks for you. But yes I do this all the time and it's with alot of things. Morning radio mixes of Tribe, natural long nails, red lipstick, tribal shit, Toms and Timbs, Nas & The Weeknd, Ombre hair, cigarettes, jean jackets, Ihop, Four Lokos and nice asses. I could go on forever. She's everywhere. & I unconscionably always bring her up. Sorry not so sorry guys. She's just a part of me. And always will be. I just had to vent or else I woulda laid here crying my heart out. Not knowing for sure if it's out of joy or sadness. Who know's how many tears this pillow of mine has catched?

I love you J. V. B. Always & forever.
& if you ever start to doubt, find your way back to my blog and re-read this post. And the others post I've wrote for you. Whole point of blogging right? Peace.


Carmen Lee said...

Love your friendship!!

PQT said...

Thak you my dear :-)

syntifik said...

Oh Perla, you are the sweetest!

PQT said...