Thursday, November 29, 2012

What a Day!

You know that scene in a movie or a TV show where the girl is holding like a million things in both arms & all of a sudden she drops everything!? And then wondered if that was really necessary. Why didn't she just make two trips to her car instead of setting her self up for failure? Well. . .  wonder no more. I was that girl today. My boss asked me to drop off a few things at our other office which is exactly 6 miles away. Deep down I knew I wouldn't make it past the elevator but I was in such a rush that I didn't even think twice about it.

My challenge consisted of: A Diet Dr. Pepper can at the tips of my fingers, three sets of 24x36" inch paper under one arm, a stack of papers relatively close to the height of a leprechaun tucked in under the other one, my purse, and a stapler. Somehow my left pinky didn't have enough force to open the final door & then holy fuckaroo!!!! I then immediately thought, "This is the part where the handsome guy walks in and helps me pick up all this shit."


That truly only happens in movies! Oh the irony!

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