Friday, December 7, 2012

Love O' Love Comes & Goes

Love can be unbearable at times. When it finds you it takes your body hostage. It doesn't discriminate at all. A woman with a man or woman with a woman, it's quite courageous. It disfigures you but not in a frantic way. It changes you as a person and it makes you feel things you've never felt before. It's what makes you human. That beating organ isn't felt until that first kiss, that first smile, that mysterious glance. Your world becomes there world and all you have is that.

You feel it all over your body. And years of commitment are spent on love. Years that can easily have no meaning in one flat second. All it takes is that ONE bad day to make everything go to hell. And you'll feel that piercing stake go right through your heart. And it hurts bad. Everything will have to change again. That world you both shared has collapsed and ended forever and you have to live through it. It's not like love will kill you. NO. You have to physically and emotionally bare this agony. And this will happen over and over again.

You'll spend years working up a defense mechanism, setting up walls and sandbags to guard that broken heart. And then one day, it will happen again. You'll meet someone and another world will be created and shared. And it will be this continuous circle until . . .

 . . . you find that one person that will make that, every failed attempt, I gave you my all relationship last forever.

Love is always the answer.



Unknown said...

Beautiful poem. The ending was so orgasmic. Very well written.

PQT said...

Thank you!!