Sunday, December 2, 2012

Missing Her

On the way home tonight I listened to Nas's Illmatic album. And I thought of Botch, of course. I knew right away that instead of going to bed like most normal people do, I would find myself blogging at 4:45am.
I also realized that in four short months it will be another year since I last saw her. And then realization after realization followed.

This is how it's always going to be. For the rest of our lives. A year will go by till' we're in each others presence again. And then I started to wonder, what's going to happen when we get married? Will our spouses come with us as well?

Then my rebellious outspoken side stepped in, like who gives a shit if there not okay with us going out of town to meet and greet each other once a year. Like, I'm going and I don't give a shit if you're upset. Bake yourself a fucking cookie and get over it.


Who knows really?
I'll always find time for you Botch. I'll always set aside a few days, an entire week for you. Because that's what our friendship is all about.

You're the Four to my Loko. The Nasty to my Nas. The lighter to my cigarette. You are the girl!!

I feel so much better now. So Botch and I totally define the definition of "Chocolate Wasted" Haha.

Love you.


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