Saturday, January 5, 2013

Happy Burpday Botcho!

Dreams do come true. I've met my soul mate. Too bad she's a woman! Or else I'd make her my spouse. . . regardless, till' death do us part. I'm in Texas and she's in Canada but we still make it work. Proof!!! That any relationship can be maintained if a little "E" for effort is applied by both parties. And like Bey sings, "We like to partaaaaay, heeeey." I hope you celebrated your birthday just right! I know how merry and outgoing you can be, so that part is already checked off, however, hopefully  you were surrounded by loyal, caring individuals that love you and accept you for whom you are. And it's truly their lost if they ever choose to dislike you. Before hating a person, try hard to love them. Y'all don't know what y'all are missing! Botch is one of the illest, most trillest, nastiest (Nas), honest being out there! And I am beyond grateful for her friendship and her love. Happy birthday baby girl! Cheers! 

Love you. Perla.

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