Saturday, January 5, 2013

Our Rotten Luck

I pray to God my father comes home soon.
Although we are used to his sickness, we are used to him being here at home.
At this point the nurses and doctor are not quite sure why his body shut down the way it did.
It just did.
He wasn't speaking much.
He didn't recognize us.
And as of now he is not responding at all.
Nurses just speak their thoughts. . .
It could be an internal infection . . . a brain seizure. . . maybe his shunt is out of place.
One thing that is certain is the fact his tumor grew once again.
And it will be his sixth surgery if he gets on that table again.
He's a strong man.
And I know he's been watched over.
Endless of prayers flowing through.
So I leave it up to you once more God.
Bring him home!

Thank you for that message M.F. When I received the notification on my cell my eyes immediately got watery. There are somethings the heart will hold on to dearly. It meant alot to me and my mother. Thank you once again! PS. Your daughter is beautiful!


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