Monday, June 3, 2013

Small Progress

I rarely post on how I'm doing physically, anatomically but I'd like to share my progress on crossfit.
I've been doing crossfit since April 24th, 3X a week, Monday Tuesday and Thursdays. All very tough, challenging routines. BUT I LOVE IT. & since then I have lost a total of 4 1/2 inches from my waist and stomach. I haven't stepped on a scale as of lately because I'm content with the way my clothes are fitting. I'm taking several supplements that my coach recommended such as: Omega3 (Fish Oil), LipoRush (thermogenic), Slim To None (Detox & Diuretic) for 14 days with a break in between, Carnitine, Green Tea and lastly daily vitamins. & I'm sure the supplements help but I've also been watching what I consume. One cheat day a week with very little carbs during the week. Sticking to the motto, "No pain, no gain."


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Carmen Lee said...

Im happy to hear this! Go hard or go home!