Monday, November 25, 2013

My First RX

What is RX? Some may not care at all but it's an infinite goal for many Crossfitters like myself. I do well on my workouts but for the past three months I have been performing with a weight that I am comfortable with not as prescribed. Get it?

Meaning that if the prescribed weight to a workout is 95, I personally will lift 55 because I'm tiny. And not so strong. And who comes up with these workout prescriptions? None other than the Crossfit Gods. Duh. Seriously?

Crossfit has been around for years but has finally reached a level of popularity with enough cult members. (laugh).

It is so popular that Crossfit is featured on ESPN and people actually train for these games. Win ton of money for competing against other tough elite men and women. And they have to complete these workouts with the prescribed weight. No exceptions. Luckily gyms and boxes are kind enough to let us work out at our own level. But still being part of the whole Crossfit term.

Hooray to my avid Crossfitters out there reading this.

With that said. . . I completed my first RX last Thursday. I cursed the heavens and Earth. (Forgive me Father) but I did it. And I felt quite proud. Tiny pat on my back. Okay that's enough Crosffit talk. Stay warm! Peace.

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